Your users can't use what they can't find

Everyone wants to feel useful. Everyone wants to make a contribution.


How long does it take to orient new hires and grant them access to the data sets that they need to be successful-- to make your organization successful?


Bring new staff up to speed and provide them a single data "marketplace" built upon high-quality, peer-rated and peer-recommended data sources.

How many decades of experience are represented by your tenured staff? 

Are you sending them a message that their insights matter? That leveraging their curiosity is critical to your organization's future success?


Alleviate the constraints of limited access to analytics experts and useful data. Data catalogs are a force-multiplier that provide centralized, audited access to data.

You are contracted for a project, not a fishing expedition. 

Immediately improve the effectiveness of contracted resources by making any relevant high-quality data sets available on Day 1.


After you hand out a badge and temporary login credentials, give your contractors a single URL where all relevant data sets can be found to ensure rapid productivity-- and ROI.

"It's not that your staff doesn't want to be told what to do-- It's that they don't want to have to be told what to do.

The best way to show your employees that their presence, their skills, their curiosity, their insights matter is to put the best tools in their hands and let them do what you hired them to do, which is build value."

-- Frank Shepherd, Founder