Data-Driven Managed Cloud

Reduce Cloud Expenditures, Accelerate DevOps initiatives, and Reduce I.T. Operational Overhead
Apero's Data-Driven Managed Cloud leverages billing, performance, and application telemetry to optimize your On-premises Private and Public Cloud environments by providing:
  • Reduce wasteful spending with Public Cloud billing and consumption reporting and optimization
  • Reduce Operational overhead with Policy-driven governance of cloud and virtualization resources
  • Reduce I.T. ticket burden with consistent Self-service virtual machine provisioning across Private and Public Cloud
  • Delay on-premises capex with Private Cloud capacity reporting and right-sizing workloads to reducing over-provisioning
  • Support DevOps initiatives with CI/CD tools and configuration management platforms

Data Management

Your data is an asset. Leverage it.
Apero's Data Management services are designed to unlock the financial value locked inside your organization's rapidly growing data assets by enabling more users access to more data across your company's ever-expanding variety of data sources.
  • Reduce time wasted searching for data by discovering business-critical data sets
  • Curate and canonize trustworthy data sets in a centralized Data Catalog
  • Improve data quality and consistency at speed with automated Data Prep (ETL)
  • Improve trust in analytical insights and enable safer change management with Data Lineage
  • Improve compliance and ease of reporting during audits with automated discovery and protection of PII
  • Reduce network load and simplify platform migrations with Data Virtualization