• Frank Shepherd

Cloud: “Where the Bits Sit”

Digital Transformation is a binary star system, of sorts, consisting of Cloud and Analytics.

Cloud focuses on workload and operational optimization, considering each data source as an object: Think, “Where the bits sit.

Analytics seeks to derive maximum insight and value in the form of higher margins, new revenue streams, cost savings from what’s inside data sources, or “Insights in the bytes.”

The driving philosophy at Apero is that Cloud and Analytics influence and benefit each other when aligned within a comprehensive strategy to drive shorter time-to-insight.

We will continue to discuss Analytics on our blog, but for today’s post, let’s look at The Cloud.

Here are the stages of workload optimization at a high level:

  1. Discovery

  2. Optimize Size

  3. Optimize Placement

  4. Optimize Cost

There are multiple considerations at every stage of this process, among which should be a clear understanding of each workload's associated data and its uses. The goal is to right-size workloads and deploy them on the most appropriate infrastructure for maximum benefit to the data logistics pipeline.

I will discuss those "multiple considerations" and the tools that support this process in future posts, but suffice it to say, this is no longer a one-time, purely manual exercise.

The expertise and experience exist. The tools exist. The twin competencies of Cloud and Analytics are as achievable as they are critical to a successful Digital Transformation journey.