• Frank Shepherd

Needle in a Haystack (an H.R. PSA)

I recently scanned 6 Job Postings for Data Engineers in the Charlotte area.

Across the postings, there were…

84 - total number of skills listed across all postings

35 - unique skills that appeared only once across all postings

54 - number of skills that appeared at least twice

13.8 - average skills listed per posting

Translation: There is a significant lack of overlap in data tools and platforms from company to company, making it difficult to find the expert you need.

Two significant implications

When you’re hiring a Data Engineer the chances are very good that they are going to have experience with less than 60% of the tools and platforms in your organization, and they may require additional time ($) and training ($) to become effective. If you do find a Data Engineer with more than the average amount of skills overlap, they’re going to be in high demand ($$).

What to do about it

Add one more platform-- Only this time make it a Data Virtualization (DV) platform. DV tools connect to a wide variety of technologies, including those in the postings above. End users interact with the DV platform, rather than the underlying data technologies.

This approach requires a significantly smaller skill set. End users then leverage more ubiquitous languages, such as structured query language (SQL), without having to master every underlying data platform.

The Impact

Does your current staff have expertise in SQL? If so, then your team is already equipped to benefit from data virtualization, since the DV tool will act as a translator. It also significantly expedites the on-boarding of future employees, making their time-to-effectiveness an asset to your bottom line.

In today’s hybrid-everything world, data sets are springing up like weeds, and new technologies come and go seemingly every month. The agility, flexibility, and speed that a Data Virtualization platform affords are critical to remaining competitive. This way of using data is accelerating the pace of business, making the question not “if” but “when” will you adopt this strategy to stay competitive in the market.

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