• Frank Shepherd

The Data Elephant

How many instances of Slack is your company running? SalesForce? Epic? Workday? ZenDesk? HubSpot? Presumably, the answer to each of the above is "one."

Within each of the above business platforms are valuable insights with the potential to drive revenue, save time, and/or save money. If someone in Marketing wants to know about Marketing Data, they go to HubSpot; Likewise, H.R. can go into Workday.

Where does someone from the Insights* department go? (Note: For companies pursuing a Digital Innovation and Transformation strategy, all users are members of the Insights department.)

Unfortunately, the variety and inconsistency of data sources and sets, user interfaces and APIs, export formats, user roles and data competencies create a "blind men and the elephant" scenario from which it is difficult to derive trustworthy insights at speed or scale. Random, infrequent encounters between users and data sets are the norm, rather than systematic organizational collaboration.

What is needed is a centralized, unified, self-service platform where any user can find data sources that are up-to-date, trusted (i.e. canonical), and of high quality-- think "Insight-as-a-Service"-- to drive maximum collaboration between users and data sets.

What if you could tell every new hire-- analyst, product manager, accountant, H.R. manager-- "This is your Insight Portal." What if there was a way to consistently retrieve, prepare, and share data from any of the dozens of data sources within your organization? What if you could do all of that in the context of clear, safe governance and compliance standards?

All of the above are possible, now, and without the blood, sweat, and tears (and costs) of data warehouses and ETL wizardry. Empower your Insight department to solve for the elephant and drive competitive value, today.

Don't leave the discovery of insight up to chance.